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magazine publisher


Definitions from WordNet

Noun magazine publisher has 1 sense
  1. magazine, magazine publisher - a business firm that publishes magazines; "he works for a magazine"
    --1 is a kind of publisher, publishing house, publishing firm, publishing company

Definitions from the Web

Term: Magazine Publisher

Description: A magazine publisher is a company or individual responsible for producing and distributing magazines to the public. They oversee the editorial, advertising, and production aspects of the magazine.

Sense 1: Popular

Noun - someone who publishes magazines for mass consumption.

Example Sentence 1: The magazine publisher is known for creating engaging content that appeals to a wide audience.

Example Sentence 2: The popular magazine publisher is launching a new magazine targeting young readers.

Sense 2: Local

Noun - a publisher focused on producing magazines for a specific local area or community.

Example Sentence 1: The local magazine publisher showcases the unique culture and events of our town.

Example Sentence 2: This local magazine publisher has been providing valuable information about our neighborhood for years.

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