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line of vision


Definitions from WordNet

Noun line of vision has 1 sense
  1. line of sight, line of vision - an imaginary straight line along which an observer looks
    --1 is a kind of line

Definitions from the Web

Line of Vision


The term "line of vision" refers to the imaginary line extending from the eye to an object being viewed, determining the range or field of vision.


Sense 1:

A straight line from the eye to an object being observed.


She moved her head slightly to adjust the line of vision and get a better view of the beautiful sunset.

Sense 2:

The range or field of vision.


The fog limited the line of vision, making it difficult for drivers to see the road ahead clearly.


Usage 1:

When referring to the path along which the visual gaze is directed.


In the painting, the artist skillfully led the viewer's line of vision through the vibrant brushstrokes towards the focal point.

Usage 2:

When discussing eye health or perspective.


The optometrist measured her patient's line of vision to determine the degree of myopia.

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