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line of sight


Definitions from WordNet

Noun line of sight has 1 sense
  1. line of sight, line of vision - an imaginary straight line along which an observer looks
    --1 is a kind of line

Definitions from the Web

Line of Sight


Line of sight refers to an unobstructed straight line that connects an observer's eye to a particular point of focus. It is the direct visual connection between the observer and the object they are observing.


Noun - Physical Observation:

The line of sight from the top of the mountain provides a magnificent view of the surrounding valleys.

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Noun - Geometric Calculation:

In trigonometry, the line of sight is crucial for calculating the distance between two points when only the angle of elevation and the observer's height are known.

Noun - Visibility:

The fog limited our line of sight, making it difficult to see the road ahead.

Noun - Communication:

In wireless communication, maintaining a clear line of sight between transmitting and receiving antennas is vital for optimal signal strength and reliability.

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Phrasal Verb - Understand:

It took me a while to fully understand the concept, but eventually, it clicked and everything fell into line of sight.

Phrasal Verb - Align:

The architects designed the skyscraper's windows to be perfectly aligned with the line of sight.

Phrasal Verb - Focus:

During the presentation, the speaker encouraged the audience to keep their line of sight on the main screen to fully grasp the key points.

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Verb - Observe:

The ornithologist patiently lined her sight with the bird through her binoculars to identify its species.

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Verb - Direct:

Please line the flashlight's beam of light in the direction you want to illuminate.

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