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liliopsid family

Noun liliopsid family has 1 sense
  1. monocot family, liliopsid family - family of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
    --1 is a kind of family
    --1 is a member of
     Dicotyledones, class Dicotyledones, Dicotyledonae, class Dicotyledonae, Magnoliopsida, class Magnoliopsida
    --1 has particulars:
     liliid monocot family; Juncaceae, family Juncaceae, rush family; Araceae, family Araceae, arum family; Acoraceae, subfamily Acoraceae; Lemnaceae, family Lemnaceae, duckweed family; Orchidaceae, family Orchidaceae, orchid family; Burmanniaceae, family Burmanniaceae; Gramineae, family Gramineae, Graminaceae, family Graminaceae, Poaceae, family Poaceae, grass family; Cyperaceae, family Cyperaceae, sedge family; Pandanaceae, family Pandanaceae, screw-pine family; Typhaceae, family Typhaceae, cattail family; Sparganiaceae, family Sparganiaceae, bur-reed family; Haemodoraceae, family Haemodoraceae, bloodwort family; Cannaceae, family Cannaceae; Marantaceae, family Marantaceae, arrowroot family; Musaceae, family Musaceae, banana family; Strelitziaceae, family Strelitziaceae, strelitzia family; Zingiberaceae, family Zingiberaceae, ginger family; Palmae, family Palmae, Palmaceae, family Palmaceae, Arecaceae, family Arecaceae, palm family; Xyridaceae, family Xyridaceae, yellow-eyed grass family; Commelinaceae, family Commelinaceae, spiderwort family; Bromeliaceae, family Bromeliaceae, pineapple family; Mayacaceae, family Mayacaceae; Rapateaceae, family Rapateaceae; Eriocaulaceae, family Eriocaulaceae, pipewort family; Pontederiaceae, family Pontederiaceae, pickerelweed family; Naiadaceae, family Naiadaceae, Najadaceae, family Najadaceae, naiad family; Alismataceae, family Alismataceae, water-plantain family; Hydrocharitaceae, family Hydrocharitaceae, Hydrocharidaceae, family Hydrocharidaceae, frogbit family, frog's-bit family; Potamogetonaceae, family Potamogetonaceae, pondweed family; Scheuchzeriaceae, family Scheuchzeriaceae, Juncaginaceae, family Juncaginaceae, arrow-grass family; Zannichelliaceae, family Zannichelliaceae; Zosteraceae, family Zosteraceae, eelgrass family
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