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liliid monocot genus

Noun liliid monocot genus has 1 sense
  1. liliid monocot genus - genus of monocotyledonous plants comprising mostly herbs having usually petaloid sepals and petals and compound pistils
    --1 is a kind of
    monocot genus, liliopsid genus
    --1 is a member of Liliidae, subclass Liliidae
    --1 has particulars:
     genus Iris; Belamcanda, genus Belamcanda; genus Crocus; genus Freesia; genus Gladiolus; Ixia, genus Ixia; Sisyrinchium, genus Sisyrinchium; Sparaxis, genus Sparaxis; genus Amaryllis; Bomarea, genus Bomarea; Haemanthus, genus Haemanthus; genus Hippeastrum; genus Narcissus; Strekelia, genus Strekelia; Hypoxis, genus Hypoxis; Lilium, genus Lilium; genus Agapanthus; genus Albuca; Aletris, genus Aletris; Allium, genus Allium; genus Aloe; genus Kniphofia; genus Alstroemeria; Amianthum, genus Amianthum; Anthericum, genus Anthericum; Aphyllanthes, genus Aphyllanthes; genus Asparagus; Asphodeline, genus Asphodeline; Asphodelus, genus Asphodelus; genus Aspidistra; Bessera, genus Bessera; Blandfordia, genus Blandfordia; Bloomeria, genus Bloomeria; Bowiea, genus Bowiea; genus Brodiaea; Calochortus, genus Calochortus; Camassia, genus Camassia, Quamassia, genus Quamassia; Erythronium, genus Erythronium; Fritillaria, genus Fritillaria; Tulipa, genus Tulipa; Colchicum, genus Colchicum; genus Gloriosa; Hemerocallis, genus Hemerocallis; Hosta, genus Hosta, Funka, genus Funka; genus Hyacinthus; Hyacinthoides, genus Hyacinthoides; Ornithogalum, genus Ornithogalum; Muscari, genus Muscari; genus Scilla; Tofieldia, genus Tofieldia; Urginea, genus Urginea; Ruscus, genus Ruscus; Narthecium, genus Narthecium; Veratrum, genus Veratrum; Xerophyllum, genus Xerophyllum; Xanthorroea, genus Xanthorroea; Zigadenus, genus Zigadenus; genus Trillium; Smilax, genus Smilax; Convallaria, genus Convallaria; genus Clintonia; Liriope, genus Liriope; Maianthemum, genus Maianthemum; Polygonatum, genus Polygonatum; Uvularia, genus Uvularia; Tacca, genus Tacca; genus Agave; Cordyline, genus Cordyline; genus Dracaena; Nolina, genus Nolina; Polianthes, genus Polianthes; genus Sansevieria; genus Yucca
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