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life vest


Definitions from WordNet

Noun life vest has 1 sense
  1. life jacket, life vest, cork jacket - life preserver consisting of a sleeveless jacket of buoyant or inflatable design
    --1 is a kind of life preserver, preserver, flotation device
    --1 has particulars: Mae West, air jacket

Definitions from the Web

Life Vest


A life vest, also known as a life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD), is a buoyancy aid designed to help the wearer float in water and prevent drowning.


Sense 1:

Noun - A piece of water safety equipment worn by individuals to provide buoyancy and keep them afloat.

Example Sentence:

The sailor put on his life vest before stepping onto the boat.

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Sense 2:

Noun - A vest worn by individuals participating in water sports as a fashion statement.

Example Sentence:

She paired her bikini with a stylish life vest for a trendy beach look.

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Sense 3:

Noun - A metaphorical concept representing the preservation and continuation of one's existence.

Example Sentence:

Reading books is like a life vest for the mind, keeping it enriched and alive.

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Sense 4:

Verb - To provide guidance, assistance, or support to someone in need.

Example Sentence:

His parents always life-vested him through tough times, offering unwavering encouragement.

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