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Leverage refers to the action or advantage gained by using a lever or mechanical device to multiply force. It can also describe the use of a resource or situation to gain a strategic or tactical advantage.

Parts of Speech:

  • Noun: leverage
  • Verb: leverage



  1. The action or advantage gained by using a lever or mechanical device to multiply force
  2. The power, influence, or control one person or group has over another
  3. The strategic or tactical advantage gained by utilizing a resource or situation


  1. To use or apply leverage to gain a mechanical advantage
  2. To gain an advantage or influence through the strategic use of resources or situations

Usages and Sample Sentences:


  1. He used the leverage of the long handle to effortlessly lift the heavy box.
  2. The larger company had more leverage over the negotiation process.
  3. The competitor's weak financial position provided our company with a significant leverage.


  1. She leveraged the fulcrum to lift the weight with ease.
  2. The organization leveraged their partnerships to expand their market share.

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