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Definitions from WordNet

Noun leaver has 1 sense
  1. departer, leaver, goer - someone who leaves
    --1 is a kind of migrant, migrator
    Derived form: verb leave1

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Sense 1:

A person who leaves or departs from a place or situation.

Example sentence:

John was a persistent leaver, always looking for new adventures and experiences.

Sense 2:

A device or mechanism used to detach or disconnect something.

Example sentence:

The emergency leaver is located near the exit door of the train.


Sense 1:

To leave or depart from a place.

Example sentence:

She decided to leaver her hometown and move to the big city.

Sense 2:

To detach or disconnect something using a leaver.

Example sentence:

The mechanic had to leaver the broken part from the engine to replace it.

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