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king of england

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Noun king of england has 1 sense
  1. King of England, King of Great Britain - the sovereign ruler of England
    --1 is a kind of king, male monarch
    --1 has particulars:
     Canute, Cnut, Knut, Canute the Great; Charles I, Charles Stuart; Charles II; Edgar; Edward I; Edward II; Edward III; Edward IV; Edward V; Edward VI; Edward VII, Albert Edward; Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor; Edward the Confessor, Saint Edward the Confessor, St. Edward the Confessor; Edward the Martyr, Saint Edward the Martyr, St. Edward the Martyr; Edwy, Eadwig; George I; George II; George III; George IV; George V; George VI; Harold I, King Harold I, Harold Harefoot, Harefoot; Harold II, King Harold II; Henry I, Henry Beauclerc; Henry II; Henry III; Henry IV, Bolingbroke, Henry Bolingbroke; Henry V; Henry VI; Henry VII, Henry Tudor; Henry VIII; James I; James II; John, King John, John Lackland; Richard I, Richard Coeur de Lion, Richard the Lionheart, Richard the Lion-Hearted; Richard II; Richard III; William I, William the Conqueror; William II, William Rufus; William III, William of Orange; William IV, The Sailor King
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