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Noun jumper has 6 senses
  1. jumper - an athlete who competes at jumping
    --1 is a kind of
    athlete, jock
    --1 has particulars: hopper; Lewis, Carl Lewis, Frederick Carleton Lewis
  2. bounder, leaper, jumper - an athlete who bounds or leaps (as in basketball)
    --2 is a kind of athlete, jock
  3. jumper - a small connector used to make temporary electrical connections
    --3 is a kind of
    connection, connexion, connector, connecter, connective
    --3 has particulars: jumper cable, jumper lead, lead
  4. jumper - a loose jacket or blouse worn by workmen
    --4 is a kind of
  5. jumper, pinafore, pinny - a sleeveless dress resembling an apron; worn over other clothing
    --5 is a kind of dress, frock
  6. jumper, jump shot - a player releases the basketball at the high point of a jump
    --6 is a kind of basketball shot
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