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juice reamer


Definitions from WordNet

Noun juice reamer has 1 sense
  1. reamer, juicer, juice reamer - a squeezer with a conical ridged center that is used for squeezing juice from citrus fruit
    --1 is a kind of squeezer

Definitions from the Web

Juice Reamer

Noun: A kitchen tool used for extracting juice from citrus fruits.

Example Sentence: I used a juice reamer to get the fresh juice out of the oranges.

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Verb: To use a juice reamer to extract juice from citrus fruits.

Example Sentence: She carefully reamed the lemon to release its juice.

Adjective: Describing a type of juice reamer that is trendy and widely used.

Example Sentence: The new sleek and modern juice reamer design is a popular choice among chefs.

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Adjective: Referring to a juice reamer produced or used in a specific locality.

Example Sentence: The handmade local juice reamer is a cherished kitchen tool in this community.

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