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iowa crab apple


Definitions from WordNet

Noun iowa crab apple has 1 sense
  1. Iowa crab, Iowa crab apple, prairie crab, western crab apple, Malus ioensis - wild crab apple of western United States with fragrant pink flowers
    --1 is a kind of wild apple, crab apple, crabapple
    --1 has particulars: Bechtel crab, flowering crab

Definitions from the Web

Iowa Crab Apple

Noun: A small, deciduous tree native to the United States, specifically found in the state of Iowa, known for its ornamental value and edible crab apples.

Example sentence: The Iowa crab apple tree adds a burst of color to the garden with its vibrant pink blossoms in the spring.

Iowa Crab Apple

Adjective: Referring to something that originates from or is related to the state of Iowa and the crab apple trees found there.

Example sentence: The local farmers proudly displayed their Iowa crab apple pies at the county fair.

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