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Definitions from WordNet

Noun iou has 1 sense
  1. IOU - an informal debt instrument; representing `I owe you'
    --1 is a kind of
    note, promissory note, note of hand

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An IOU is a written acknowledgement of a debt owed by one person to another.

Parts of Speech:

  • Noun
  • Verb



Sense 1: A written promise to repay a debt at a later time.
Example sentence: Sarah gave John an IOU for the money she borrowed.

Sense 2: Any document that serves as evidence of a debt owed.
Example sentence: The IOU can be used as proof of the outstanding payment.


Sense 1: To acknowledge a debt and promise to repay at a future date.
Example sentence: She agreed to IOU the money and would return it next month.

Sense 2: To owe someone an amount specified in an IOU.
Example sentence: He IOUs me $50 from the bet we made on the game.

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