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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective inexplicit has 1 sense
  1. implicit, inexplicit - implied though not directly expressed; inherent in the nature of something; "an implicit agreement not to raise the subject"; "there was implicit criticism in his voice"; "anger was implicit in the argument"; "the oak is implicit in the acorn"

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1. Not clearly or fully expressed; leaving room for different interpretations.

Example sentences:

  • Her instructions were inexplicit, leading to confusion among the team members.
  • The contract was inexplicit about the exact timeline for project completion.

2. Not stated directly or openly; implied rather than explicitly stated.

Example sentences:

  • The article provided inexplicit suggestions on how to improve productivity.
  • His inexplicit remarks about the company's financial situation worried the employees.


1. A person, especially a writer or speaker, who tends to express themselves in an inexplicit manner.

Example sentences:

  • The renowned poet is often called an inexplicit due to the poetic ambiguity in his works.
  • As an inexplicit, she enjoys leaving room for readers' interpretations of her novels.

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