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Inexperitness refers to the state or quality of being inexperienced or lacking knowledge or skill in a particular field or activity. It is synonymous with inexperience and can be used to describe someone who lacks expertise or familiarity in a specific domain.

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Sample Sentences:

Sense 1 - Noun:

1. The inexperitness of the new employee was evident during the task.

2. Her inexperitness in cooking became apparent when she burned the meal.

Sense 2 - Adjective:

1. The poor performance could be attributed to their inexperitness in handling complex machinery.

2. We need to provide additional training to overcome their inexperitness.

Sense 3 - Adverb:

1. He attempted the task inexperitely, resulting in a less efficient outcome.

2. Despite working inexperitely, she managed to complete the project on time.

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