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impossible action


Definitions from WordNet

Noun impossible action has 1 sense
  1. impossibility, impossible action - an alternative that is not available
    --1 is a kind of option, alternative, choice
    --1 has particulars: impossible

Definitions from the Web

impossible action

Part of Speech: noun

Sense: a deed or behavior that is considered to be unattainable or unachievable.


  1. It is an impossible action to fly without the use of any mechanical equipment.
  2. Completing this complicated puzzle in ten seconds is an impossible action.

Part of Speech: adjective

Sense: describes an action or task that cannot be accomplished or fulfilled.


  1. Trying to convince someone who never listens is an impossible action.
  2. Asking for perfect weather on a camping trip is an impossible action.

Part of Speech: adverb

Sense: indicates that an action or task is performed in a way that is impossible or without success.


  1. She tried to run away, but the shackles held her impossible action.
  2. The chef attempted to bake a cake without flour, but his impossible action resulted in a disaster.

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