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Noun hymenophyllaceae has 1 sense
  1. Hymenophyllaceae, family Hymenophyllaceae - terrestrial (hygrophytic) or epiphytic ferns: filmy ferns
    --1 is a kind of fern family
    --1 is a member of Filicales, order Filicales, Polypodiales, order Polypodiales
    --1 has members:
     Hymenophyllum, genus Hymenophyllum; Trichomanes, genus Trichomanes
hymenaea courbaril hymenal hymenanthera hymeneal hymeneals hymenium hymenogastrales hymenomycetes hymenophyllaceae hymenophyllum hymenoplasty hymenopter hymenoptera hymenopteran hymenopteron hymenopterous hymenopterous insect

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