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fern family

Noun fern family has 1 sense
  1. fern family - families of ferns and fern allies
    --1 is a kind of
    --1 is a member of Pteridophyta, division Pteridophyta
    --1 has particulars:
     Hymenophyllaceae, family Hymenophyllaceae; Osmundaceae, family Osmundaceae; Schizaeaceae, family Schizaeaceae; Marsileaceae, family Marsileaceae; Salviniaceae, family Salviniaceae; Azollaceae, family Azollaceae; Ophioglossaceae, family Ophioglossaceae; Gleicheniaceae, family Gleicheniaceae; Parkeriaceae, family Parkeriaceae; Polypodiaceae, family Polypodiaceae; Adiantaceae, family Adiantaceae; Vittariaceae, family Vittariaceae; Aspleniaceae, family Aspleniaceae; Blechnaceae, family Blechnaceae; Cyatheaceae, family Cyatheaceae; Davalliaceae, family Davalliaceae; Dennstaedtiaceae, family Dennstaedtiaceae; Dicksoniaceae, family Dicksoniaceae; Dryopteridaceae, family Dryopteridaceae, Athyriaceae, family Athyriaceae; Lomariopsidaceae, family Lomariopsidaceae; Lophosoriaceae, family Lophosoriaceae; Loxomataceae, family Loxomataceae; Oleandraceae, family Oleandraceae; Pteridaceae, family Pteridaceae; Marattiaceae, family Marattiaceae; Psilotaceae, family Psilotaceae; Psilophytaceae, family Psilophytaceae; Rhyniaceae, family Rhyniaceae; Equisetaceae, family Equisetaceae, horsetail family; Lepidodendraceae, family Lepidodendraceae; Lycopodiaceae, family Lycopodiaceae, clubmoss family; Selaginellaceae, family Selaginellaceae; Isoetaceae, family Isoetaceae, quillwort family; Cryptogrammataceae, family Cryptogrammataceae; Thelypteridaceae, family Thelypteridaceae
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