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(interjection) An informal and exaggerated way of saying hello or expressing excitement or enthusiasm.


  • Part of Speech: Interjection
  • Sense: Informal greeting or expression of excitement
  • Popular Usage: Frequently used in casual conversations, especially in written form on social media platforms
  • Local Usage: Commonly used by internet slang communities or specific online groups

Sample Sentences:

  1. When Sarah saw her best friend at the mall, she shouted, "Hiiiiiiiiiiii! Long time no see!"
  2. I always get excited when I receive hiiiiiiiiiiii messages from my online friends.
  3. "Hiiiiiiiiiiii everyone!" the YouTuber enthusiastically greeted her audience in the video.
  4. As soon as he walked into the surprise party, John was greeted by a chorus of "Hiiiiiiiiiiii!"

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