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Term: hihglihgt

Part of Speech: Noun

sense 1: The act of highlighting; emphasizing or drawing attention to something.

Example Sentence: The hihglihgt of the presentation was the speaker's impressive demonstration.

Part of Speech: Verb

sense 1: To mark or colorize a specific part of a text or image to make it stand out.

Example Sentence: She used a yellow marker to hihglihgt the important information in her textbook.

Part of Speech: Adjective

sense 1: Describes something that is highly noticeable or prominent.

Example Sentence: The hihglihgt feature of the new smartphone is its impressive camera quality.

Part of Speech: Adverb

sense 1: Expressing the idea of highlighting or emphasizing something.

Example Sentence: She spoke passionately, hihglihgtly stressing the importance of protecting the environment.

Part of Speech: Local

sense 1: Referring to a specific area, region, or locality.

Example Sentence: The market sells fresh produce sourced from hihglihgt farms in the surrounding countryside.

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