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Sense 1: Popular Product

A Furstenberg refers to a high-quality porcelain product manufactured by the renowned German brand "Furstenberg". It is widely coveted for its exceptional craftsmanship and elegant designs.

Sense 2: Local Place

In the local context, Furstenberg is the name of a town located in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is known for its picturesque landscapes and historic castle.


Sense 1: Popular Style

The term "Furstenberg" can also be used as an adjective to describe a popular style associated with the luxurious fashion brand "Diane von Furstenberg". It typically represents bold prints and vibrant colors.

Sense 2: Local Tradition

As an adjective, "Furstenberg" could refer to a local traditional clothing style originating from the town of Furstenberg. It is characterized by intricate embroidery and distinctive patterns.

Sample Sentences

Noun - Sense 1: Jane added a new Furstenberg teacup to her porcelain collection.

Noun - Sense 2: During our trip to Germany, we visited the beautiful town of Furstenberg.

Adjective - Sense 1: She wore an elegant Furstenberg dress to the gala event.

Adjective - Sense 2: The dancers showcased the traditional Furstenberg costumes during the local festival.

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