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Part of Speech: Noun, Verb


  1. (Noun) The act of doing something for the sake or benefit of oneself.
  2. (Verb) To do something solely for one's own benefit or advantage.


  1. Popular: The term "fursake" is popularly used to refer to a self-centered action or behavior, emphasizing the act of putting one's own interests above others.
  2. Local: In certain local dialects, "fursake" can also mean a small personal item or belonging, often something of sentimental value.

Sample Sentences:

  1. She always prioritizes her needs and always acts for fursake. (Noun)
  2. He tends to fursake his friends in times of need. (Verb)
  3. In today's world, self-centeredness is becoming more prevalent, with many people engaging in fursake behaviors. (Popular)
  4. In our local community, the term "fursake" is often used to describe a cherished personal item passed down from generation to generation. (Local)

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