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fixed charge


Definitions from WordNet

Noun fixed charge has 1 sense
  1. fixed charge, fixed cost, fixed costs - a periodic charge that does not vary with business volume (as insurance or rent or mortgage payments etc.)
    --1 is a kind of charge
    --1 has particulars: cover charge, cover; interest; fee; due

Definitions from the Web

Fixed Charge


The term "fixed charge" refers to a predetermined or static fee that remains constant regardless of usage or other variables. It is commonly applied in various contexts, such as business, finance, and utilities.



  1. The monthly subscription fee for the streaming service is a fixed charge that remains unchanged regardless of how much content is consumed.
  2. In a mortgage, the fixed charge represents the regular installment that the borrower must pay over a specific period.


  1. The electric company fixed charges its customers based on their monthly energy consumption.
  2. The car rental agency fixed charges its clients for any damages caused during the rental period.


  1. The fixed charge rate provided by the telecommunications company gives customers predictability in their monthly bills.
  2. A fixed charge policy ensures fair and consistent pricing for all customers.

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