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Part of Speech: Verb

Sense 1: to participate in or follow a passing trend

Sample Sentence: John always fadlitated by buying the latest fashion trends, only to discard them within a month.

Sense 2: to be influenced or swayed by popular interests or opinions

Sample Sentence: The politician fadlitated to gain popularity among young voters, adopting their preferred stance.

Part of Speech: Adjective

Sense 1: characterized by being trendy or fashionable for a short time

Sample Sentence: The fashion industry is known for its fadlitated designs, constantly changing to keep up with consumer demands.

Part of Speech: Noun (Plural: fadlitations)

Sense 1: temporary trends that gain popularity but quickly fade away

Sample Sentence: The market is flooded with fadlitations, making it hard to distinguish timeless products from passing fads.

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