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Definitions from WordNet

Noun evangelism has 1 sense
  1. evangelism - zealous preaching and advocacy of the gospel
    --1 is a kind of
    sermon, discourse, preaching
    --1 has particulars: televangelism
    Derived forms: verb evangelize1, verb evangelise1, verb evangelise2

Definitions from the Web


Definition: Evangelism refers to the act of spreading the Christian gospel or sharing religious beliefs with others, usually with the intention of converting them or inspiring spiritual change.



  1. John's passion for evangelism led him to travel to different countries to spread the word of God.
  2. The church organized an evangelism conference to equip its members with effective strategies for sharing their faith.

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  1. Sarah is a passionate evangelism worker, always eager to engage in conversations about faith and spirituality.
  2. Our church group organizes regular evangelism activities in the local community.

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  1. The pastor encouraged his congregation to evangelize fearlessly, reaching out to others with love and compassion.
  2. She evangelized diligently, visiting local neighborhoods to share the good news of salvation.

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