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Term: Evangelicals


Evangelicals refer to a diverse group of Christian believers who share a common emphasis on the biblical gospel and personal conversion. They emphasize the authority of the Bible and actively seek to spread their faith through evangelism.

Sense 1 (Noun - Plural):

In a religious context, evangelicals are a group of Christians who believe in the importance of personal faith in Jesus Christ and the spreading of his teachings. They often emphasize the need for spiritual rebirth and strive to share their beliefs with others.

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Sample Sentence:

Many evangelicals actively participate in missionary work, traveling to different countries to share the message of Jesus.

Sense 2 (Adjective):

The term "evangelicals" can also be used as an adjective to describe beliefs, practices, or organizations that are aligned with or influenced by evangelical Christianity.

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Sample Sentence:

The conference featured various evangelical speakers who discussed topics related to faith and social issues.

Sense 3 (Noun - Plural):

Evangelicals can also refer to a group or denomination within Protestant Christianity that adheres to the principles of evangelicalism.

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Sample Sentence:

The local community church consists mainly of evangelicals who come together for worship and fellowship.

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