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european red elder


Definitions from WordNet

Noun european red elder has 1 sense
  1. European red elder, red-berried elder, Sambucus racemosa - Eurasian shrub
    --1 is a kind of elder, elderberry bush

Definitions from the Web

European Red Elder

Part of Speech: Noun

Sense: A species of elder tree native to Europe, known for its red berries and ornamental qualities.

Usage: Botany

Description: European Red Elder, scientifically referred to as Sambucus racemosa, is a deciduous shrub that typically grows up to 3-4 meters in height. It features vibrant red berries and clusters of small white flowers, making it a popular choice for ornamental gardens and landscapes in Europe.

Example Sentence: The European Red Elder is a stunning addition to any garden, attracting birds with its colorful berries and adding visual interest with its clusters of white flowers.

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