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Noun enforcer has 1 sense
  1. hatchet man, enforcer - one whose job it is to execute unpleasant tasks for a superior
    --1 is a kind of assistant, helper, help, supporter
    Derived form: verb enforce1

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An enforcer refers to a person or thing that enforces rules, laws, or regulations, compelling compliance through authority or force.

It can also be used to describe a person known for their ability to ensure compliance or impose discipline.

In sports or entertainment, an enforcer is a player or performer known for their aggressive tactics or intimidating presence.



  1. The security guard was an enforcer at the event, ensuring everyone followed the safety protocols.
  2. During the negotiations, he played the enforcer, making sure all parties adhered to the terms of the contract.
  3. In ice hockey, the enforcer is responsible for protecting their teammates and intimidating opponents.


  1. The government enforces traffic laws to maintain order on the roads.
  2. The landlord hired a team to enforcerent responsibilities and ensure a peaceful living environment.

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