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elijah muhammad


Definitions from WordNet

Noun elijah muhammad has 1 sense
  1. Muhammad, Elijah Muhammad - leader of Black Muslims who campaigned for independence for Black Americans (1897-1975)
    --1 is a kind of Black Muslim

Definitions from the Web

Elijah Muhammad


Elijah Muhammad was an important figure in the Nation of Islam. He served as the leader and mentor of the organization from 1934 until his death in 1975. As a religious and political leader, he greatly influenced the growth and development of the Nation of Islam, shaping its doctrines and promoting activism among African Americans.

Sample Sentences:

  • Elijah Muhammad preached a message of self-empowerment and encouraged his followers to strive for economic independence.
  • Many African Americans regarded Elijah Muhammad as a strong advocate for civil rights during a crucial period in American history.
  • The teachings of Elijah Muhammad emphasized self-discipline, unity, and self-sufficiency among African Americans.
  • Students studying African American history often find it enlightening to learn about the contributions and influence of Elijah Muhammad.
  • Elijah Muhammad's speeches and writings continue to inspire generations of individuals fighting for racial equality.

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