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division eubacteria

Noun division eubacteria has 1 sense
  1. division Eubacteria - one-celled monerans having simple cells with rigid walls and (in motile types) flagella
    --1 is a kind of
    --1 is a member of Monera, kingdom Monera
    --1 has members:
     bacteria order; bacteria family; bacteria genus; bacteria species; eubacteria, eubacterium, true bacteria; Eubacteriales, order Eubacteriales; Cyanophyta, division Cyanophyta; Schizophyta, division Schizophyta; Pseudomonadales, order Pseudomonadales; Rickettsiales, order Rickettsiales; Mycoplasmatales, order Mycoplasmatales; Actinomycetales, order Actinomycetales; order Myxobacteria, Myxobacterales, order Myxobacterales, Myxobacteriales, order Myxobacteriales; Micrococcaceae, family Micrococcaceae; Spirochaetales, order Spirochaetales
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