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bacteria family

Noun bacteria family has 1 sense
  1. bacteria family - a family of bacteria
    --1 is a kind of
    --1 is a member of division Eubacteria
    --1 has particulars:
     Rhizobiaceae, family Rhizobiaceae; Bacillaceae, family Bacillaceae; Myxophyceae, family Myxophyceae, Schizophyceae, family Schizophyceae; Nostocaceae, family Nostocaceae; Oscillatoriaceae, family Oscillatoriaceae; Pseudomonodaceae, family Pseudomonodaceae; Athiorhodaceae, family Athiorhodaceae; Thiobacteriaceae, family Thiobacteriaceae; Spirillaceae, family Spirillaceae; Bacteroidaceae, family Bacteroidaceae; Corynebacteriaceae, family Corynebacteriaceae; Enterobacteriaceae, family Enterobacteriaceae; Rickettsiaceae, family Rickettsiaceae; Chlamydiaceae, family Chlamydiaceae; Mycoplasmataceae, family Mycoplasmataceae; Actinomycetaceae, family Actinomycetaceae; Streptomycetaceae, family Streptomycetaceae; Mycobacteriaceae, family Mycobacteriaceae; Polyangiaceae, family Polyangiaceae, Myxobacteriaceae, family Myxobacteriaceae; Micrococcaceae, family Micrococcaceae; Lactobacillaceae, family Lactobacillaceae, Lactobacteriaceae, family Lactobacteriaceae; Spirochaetaceae, family Spirochaetaceae; Treponemataceae, family Treponemataceae
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