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distingu e


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distingu e

Part of Speech: verb

Sense 1:

Definition: To recognize or note a difference; to differentiate or separate.

Sample Sentence: It can be difficult to distinguish between identical twins.

Sense 2:

Definition: To become known as different or distinct; to stand out.

Sample Sentence: Her talent and dedication allowed her to distinguish herself in the field.

Part of Speech: adjective

Sense 1:

Definition: Well-known or prominent.

Sample Sentence: The restaurant is a popular and distinguished landmark in the city.

Sense 2:

Definition: Having a characteristic that sets a person or thing apart from others.

Sample Sentence: The painting showcased a distinguished style of brushwork.

Part of Speech: noun

Sense 1:

Definition: A mark used to separate or differentiate something.

Sample Sentence: The asterisk (*) is used as a distingu e in the code to indicate special conditions.

Sense 2:

Definition: A feature or characteristic that makes someone or something remarkable or exceptional.

Sample Sentence: The film's ultimate distingu e was its thrilling plot twist.

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