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Definitions from WordNet

Adverbial distinctively has 1 sense
  1. distinctively - in an identifiably distinctive manner; "the distinctively conservative district of the county"
    Derived from adjective

Definitions from the Web

Term: distinctively

Description: Distinctively, as an adverb, refers to something that is done or presented in a way that is easily recognizable or unique.

Sense 1: In a unique or easily recognizable manner.

Example sentence 1: The artist's distinctively vibrant paintings stood out in the gallery.

Example sentence 2: She spoke distinctively, with a charming accent that intrigued everyone.

Sense 2: In a manner specific to a particular place or region.

Example sentence 1: The dish was prepared distinctively, with a blend of spices commonly used in local cuisine.

Example sentence 2: The architecture of the city's cathedral is distinctively Gothic, reflecting the local style.

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