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Noun courlan has 1 sense
  1. courlan, Aramus guarauna - wading bird of South America and Central America
    --1 is a kind of wading bird, wader
    --1 is a member of Gruiformes, order Gruiformes

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Courlan refers to a group of long-legged, wading birds found in various parts of the world. These birds are typically known for their distinctive appearance, which includes a long bill and elongated neck. The term "courlan" may refer to different species depending on the region.

Sample Sentences:

Noun - Bird:

  1. The Courlan is a beautiful bird native to South America.
  2. I spotted a couple of courlans while bird-watching in the wetlands.
  3. The courlan's striking plumage makes it stand out among other water birds.

Noun - Place:

  1. The small village of Courlan is nestled in the picturesque countryside.
  2. Visiting Courlan during the summer allows tourists to experience its charming atmosphere.
  3. Courlan is renowned for its historical landmarks and medieval architecture.


  1. She wore a courlan feathered hat that instantly caught everyone's attention.
  2. The courlan artwork displayed at the gallery received rave reviews from art enthusiasts.
  3. His courlan-inspired fashion designs were featured in top magazines.

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