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Definitions from WordNet

Noun courier has 1 sense
  1. messenger, courier - a person who carries a message
    --1 is a kind of traveler, traveller
    --1 has particulars:
     conveyer, conveyor; dispatch rider; herald, trumpeter; bearer; messenger boy, errand boy; process-server; runner

Definitions from the Web



A courier is a person or company that transports messages, packages, or important items from one place to another. They provide a fast and efficient means of delivery, making sure that shipments reach their destinations promptly and securely.



  1. A person or company employed to deliver letters, packages, or other shipments.
  2. A traveler or runner, especially someone carrying messages or documents over long distances.


  1. To send or transport (a message, package, or shipment) via a courier.
  2. To act as a courier; to deliver something as a courier.



  1. I need to send this important document, so I'll call a courier to pick it up from my office.
  2. The courier arrived with a bunch of packages and everyone started eagerly checking the labels for their names.


  1. Please courier the contract to our head office as soon as possible.
  2. He volunteered to courier the message to the campsite, ensuring it would reach his friends before dusk.

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