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courbaril copal


Definitions from WordNet

Noun courbaril copal has 1 sense
  1. courbaril copal - resin from the courbaril tree
    --1 is a kind of
    --1 is a substance of courbaril, Hymenaea courbaril

Definitions from the Web

Courbaril Copal


Courbaril copal is a resinous substance derived from the Courbaril tree, scientifically known as Hymenaea courbaril. It is primarily used in traditional medicine, varnishes, and as incense. Courbaril copal is known for its rich amber color and pleasant fragrance.

Sample Sentences:

As a noun:

  • The indigenous community uses courbaril copal for its medicinal properties.
  • The craftsman applied a layer of courbaril copal varnish to protect the wooden furniture.
  • The mesmerizing scent of burning courbaril copal filled the temple during the ceremony.

As an adjective:

  • The market was filled with beautifully handcrafted courbaril copal jewelry.
  • The artist created stunning paintings using courbaril copal pigments.
  • We couldn't resist buying a small bottle of courbaril copal-scented oil for our home.

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