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Term: Cour

Part of speech: noun

Sense 1: The act of showing polite manners and respectful behavior towards someone.

Example sentence 1: The knight displayed great cour towards his queen, always bowing and addressing her with utmost respect.

Sense 2: A French term referring to the courtyard or inner open space of a building.

Example sentence 2: The elegant chateau had a grand cour adorned with fountains and sculptures.

Part of speech: verb

Sense 1: To actively pursue and woo someone romantically.

Example sentence 1: The suitor would cour the lady by sending her flowers and love letters, hoping to win her heart.

Sense 2: A French term meaning to run or race.

Example sentence 2: The athletes would cour through the finish line, giving their all in the final stretch of the race.

Part of speech: adjective

Sense 1: Reflecting or characteristic of a particular region or locality.

Example sentence 1: The artist's paintings showcased the unique cour beauty of the coastal region, capturing its vibrant colors and serene landscapes.

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