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come before


Definitions from WordNet

Verb come before has 1 sense
  1. precede, come before - be the predecessor of; "Bill preceded John in the long line of Susan's husbands"
    Sample sentences:
    Somebody ----s somebody
    Somebody ----s PP

Definitions from the Web

Come Before


Come before is a phrasal verb that means to precede or to be earlier in time or order.


As a phrasal verb:

1. He always insists on letting the ladies come before him.

2. In the English alphabet, the letter "A" comes before the letter "B".

As a noun:

1. The dinner event is open to everyone, with priority given to those who came before.

Samples Sentences:


1. The speaker requested that the audience members with questions come before others in line.

2. Mary is a courteous driver, always allowing pedestrians to come before her in busy intersections.

3. The procession was arranged in such a way that the king and queen came before all the other attendees.


1. The pioneers who came before us paved the way for the technological advancements we enjoy today.

2. As a teacher, I feel indebted to those educators who came before me and laid the foundation for quality education.

3. The record-breaking athlete, who came before all others in her sport, is an inspiration to aspiring athletes.

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