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Noun collectivization has 1 sense
  1. collectivization, collectivisation - the organization of a nation or economy on the basis of collectivism
    --1 is a kind of constitution, establishment, formation, organization, organisation
    Derived form: verb collectivize1

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Collectivization refers to the process of organization or consolidation of individual resources, activities, or ownership into a collective or communal form. It often involves the pooling of land, labor, or assets for the common benefit of a group or society.


1. Noun - Sociology:

Collectivization is a sociological concept that denotes the transition from individual or private ownership to collective ownership or management.

Example sentence: The collectivization of agriculture in the 20th century led to major social and economic changes in many countries.

2. Noun - Historical:

In historical context, collectivization refers specifically to the policy implemented by certain governments to collectivize agricultural production by forcing farmers into collective farms or cooperatives.

Example sentence: The collectivization policies enacted in the Soviet Union in the 1930s caused widespread upheaval and hardship for farmers.

3. Noun - Economics:

In economics, collectivization is associated with the centralization of economic activities or industries under state or institutional control.

Example sentence: The collectivization of factories and industries paved the way for the government to regulate production and distribution.

4. Noun - Psychology:

In psychology, collectivization refers to the process where individuals prioritize collective goals and identity over individual desires or needs.

Example sentence: The collectivization of values within a community can strengthen social cohesion and cooperation.

5. Noun - Anthropology:

In anthropology, collectivization pertains to the formation of collective societies or cultures where communal decision-making and resource sharing are prevalent.

Example sentence: The study of indigenous tribes reveals various forms of collectivization and community-based lifestyles.

6. Noun - Art:

In art, collectivization represents the collaborative production or creation of artworks by multiple artists or participants.

Example sentence: The installation displayed at the contemporary art museum is a result of the collective collectivization efforts of local artists.

7. Verb - General:

As a verb, collectivization signifies the act of bringing or joining individual components together to form a collective entity or system.

Example sentence: The association aims to collectivize the dispersed efforts of independent entrepreneurs for more significant impact and representation.

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