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Definitions from WordNet

Noun coffer has 2 senses
  1. coffer, caisson, lacuna - an ornamental sunken panel in a ceiling or dome
    --1 is a kind of panel
  2. coffer - a chest especially for storing valuables
    --2 is a kind of

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1. A strongbox or chest used for storing valuables or money.

Example Sentence: I hid my jewelry in a secret compartment of the coffer.

2. A recessed panel in a ceiling, often decorated, that helps to create a sense of depth and relief.

Example Sentence: The grand hall was adorned with beautiful coffered ceilings.

3. A monetary fund, especially one used for a specific purpose.

Example Sentence: The government established a coffer to provide relief to small businesses during the pandemic.

4. (Architecture) A sunken panel in a series used to ornament a building, typically forming a grid pattern.

Example Sentence: The building's facade was embellished with coffered arches.

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1. To store or keep something valuable or important.

Example Sentence: They decided to coffer their savings in a secure bank.

2. (Obsolete) To secure or lock up in a coffer.

Example Sentence: In medieval times, people used to coffer precious artifacts to protect them from thieves.

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1. (Obsolete) Pertaining to coffers.

Example Sentence: The coffered doors of the ancient cathedral were a sight to behold.

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