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coal miner


Definitions from WordNet

Noun coal miner has 1 sense
  1. coal miner, collier, pitman - someone who works in a coal mine
    --1 is a kind of miner, mineworker

Definitions from the Web

Coal Miner

Noun - Person: A coal miner is an individual who works in the mining industry, extracting coal from the earth. They often work underground, facing challenging and hazardous conditions.

Example Sentence: My grandfather was a dedicated coal miner for over three decades.

Noun - Occupation: Coal miner as an occupation refers to the job of extracting coal from mines. It requires specialized skills and knowledge of mining techniques.

Example Sentence: The coal miners went on strike to demand better working conditions.

Adjective - Popular: The term "coal miner" is often used to describe something related to or symbolic of the mining industry or the working class involved in it.

Example Sentence: His room was adorned with coal miner-themed decorations, showcasing his pride in his family's mining heritage.

Adjective - Local: In a local context, the term "coal miner" may refer to individuals who are known within a specific area for their role in mining coal.

Example Sentence: Bob is a well-respected local coal miner, known for his dedication and expertise in the coal industry.

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