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chance event


Definitions from WordNet

Noun chance event has 1 sense
  1. accident, fortuity, chance event - anything that happens by chance without an apparent cause
    --1 is a kind of happening, occurrence, natural event
    --1 has particulars:
     hap; break, good luck, happy chance; coincidence, happenstance; lottery

Definitions from the Web

Chance Event

Definition: A chance event refers to an occurrence that happens randomly or unexpectedly, without any predictability or significant influence from external factors.

Sample sentences:

  1. Winning the lottery is a chance event that can turn someone's life around overnight.
  2. The unexpected rainstorm during our outdoor picnic turned out to be a chance event that brought us closer together.
  3. Accidentally bumping into her childhood friend at the airport was a chance event that brought back many nostalgic memories.
  4. The sudden decrease in sales was not a chance event but rather a consequence of the economic recession.

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