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Definitions from WordNet

Noun chalcedony has 1 sense
  1. chalcedony, calcedony - a milky or grayish translucent to transparent quartz
    --1 is a kind of quartz; transparent gem
    --1 has particulars:
     agate; bloodstone, heliotrope; carnelian, cornelian; chrysoprase; onyx; plasma; sard, sardine, sardius

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Chalcedonies are a type of microcrystalline quartz that typically display a waxy luster and come in various colors. They are known for their smooth, curved surfaces and translucent appearance. Chalcedonies have been used in jewelry and ornamental carving for centuries.


Noun - Plural Form:

  1. A variety of chalcedony minerals, typically occurring in small masses or layered formations.
  2. Precious or semiprecious stones made from these minerals, used in jewelry and decorative objects.
  3. An obsolete term for any translucent variety of quartz.

Sample Sentences:

Noun - Sense 1:

The gemstones on display included chalcedonies of various colors.

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Noun - Sense 2:

The chalcedonies in her necklace gleamed with a vibrant blue hue.

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Noun - Sense 3:

Long ago, chalcedonies were referred to as "sea quartz" due to their translucent appearance.

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