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Definitions from WordNet

Noun chalcanthite has 1 sense
  1. blue vitriol, blue copperas, blue stone, chalcanthite - hydrated blue crystalline form of copper sulfate
    --1 is a kind of copper sulfate, copper sulphate, cupric sulfate, cupric sulphate

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Noun: Chalcanthite is a mineral with the chemical formula CuSO4 5H2O. It is a richly colored blue-green mineral that commonly occurs as an efflorescence, forming on the surface of copper-bearing minerals.

Example sentence: The sparkling chalcanthite crystals on the cave walls were a breathtaking sight for the explorers.

Adjective: Chalcanthite refers to anything relating to or resembling the properties of the mineral chalcanthite.

Example sentence: The jewelry box showcased a stunning pendant made of chalcanthite-like stones.

Verb (transitive): To chalcanthite means to treat or impregnate something with chalcanthite for decorative or preservation purposes.

Example sentence: The artist decided to chalcanthite the wooden statue to give it a unique and vibrant appearance.

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