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Noun: Singular form

1. A horse that is specifically trained or bred for the sport of dressage.

Example sentence: My friend's cavallo won first place in the dressage competition.

Noun: Plural form

1. Horses in general or a group of horses.

Example sentence: The farmer takes care of dozens of cavallos on his ranch.

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1. Relating to or characteristic of horses.

Example sentence: The cavallo race was an exciting event at the county fair.

Verb: Singular form (Cavallo)

1. To ride a horse in a particular style or manner.

Example sentence: She gallantly cavallos through the mountains, enjoying the breathtaking views.

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Verb: Infinitive form (Cavallo)

1. To train a horse specifically for dressage.

Example sentence: The equestrian spent years learning how to cavallo horses for competitive events.

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