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Definitions from WordNet

Adjective caterpillar-tracked has 1 sense
  1. caterpillar-tracked - having caterpillar treads or tracks on the wheels; "a caterpillar-tracked earthmover"
    trackless (indirect, via tracked)

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Referring to a vehicle or equipment that is designed to move on caterpillar tracks.

Example sentence:

The construction workers used a caterpillar-tracked bulldozer to clear the debris.


A vehicle or machine that is equipped with caterpillar tracks, allowing it to move effectively on uneven terrain.

Example sentence:

The army utilized caterpillar-tracked tanks for better maneuverability in rugged landscapes.


The act of equipping a vehicle or machine with caterpillar tracks.

Example sentence:

The team spent hours caterpillar-tracking the quad bike for an upcoming off-road competition.


In a manner that utilizes caterpillar tracks.

Example sentence:

The remote-controlled robot swiftly and silently moved caterpillar-tracked through the dense forest.

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