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battle damage


Definitions from WordNet

Noun battle damage has 1 sense
  1. battle damage, combat casualty - loss of military equipment in battle
    --1 is a kind of damage, equipment casualty

Definitions from the Web

Battle Damage

Definition (noun): The physical harm or destruction caused to a person, object, or area as a result of a battle or combat.

Example sentence: The tanks returned from the battlefield with significant battle damage, with their armor riddled with bullet holes and tracks blown off.

Definition (adjective): Referring to the state of being damaged or destroyed as a result of military conflict.

Example sentence: The battlefield showcased the battle damage inflicted upon the war-torn cities, where buildings lay in ruins and streets were littered with debris.

Definition (verb): To cause harm or destruction through engagement in a battle or combat.

Example sentence: The fighter jets were tasked to battle damage enemy bunkers by launching airstrikes on their positions.

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