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arthropod genus

Noun arthropod genus has 1 sense
  1. arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
    --1 is a kind of
    --1 is a member of Animalia, kingdom Animalia, animal kingdom
    --1 has particulars:
     Phalangium, genus Phalangium; Chelifer, genus Chelifer; Mastigoproctus, genus Mastigoproctus; Argiope, genus Argiope; Aranea, genus Aranea, Araneus, genus Araneus; Latrodectus, genus Latrodectus; Lycosa, genus Lycosa; Ixodes, genus Ixodes; Dermacentor, genus Dermacentor; Trombicula, genus Trombicula; Sarcoptes, genus Sarcoptes; Panonychus, genus Panonychus; Scutigerella, genus Scutigerella; Scutigera, genus Scutigera; Geophilus, genus Geophilus; Limulus, genus Limulus; Tachypleus, genus Tachypleus; genus Architeuthis; Menippe, genus Menippe; Cancer, genus Cancer; Portunus, genus Portunus; Ovalipes, genus Ovalipes; Callinectes, genus Callinectes; Uca, genus Uca; Pinnotheres, genus Pinnotheres; Paralithodes, genus Paralithodes; Maja, genus Maja, Maia, genus Maia; Macrocheira, genus Macrocheira; Homarus, genus Homarus; Nephrops, genus Nephrops; Palinurus, genus Palinurus; Astacus, genus Astacus; Cambarus, genus Cambarus; Pagurus, genus Pagurus; Crangon, genus Crangon; Palaemon, genus Palaemon; Peneus, genus Peneus; Mysis, genus Mysis; Praunus, genus Praunus; genus Squilla; Armadillidium, genus Armadillidium; Oniscus, genus Oniscus; Porcellio, genus Porcellio; Orchestia, genus Orchestia; Caprella, genus Caprella; Cyamus, genus Cyamus; genus Daphnia; Artemia, genus Artemia, Chirocephalus, genus Chirocephalus; Triops, genus Triops; genus Cyclops; Balanus, genus Balanus; Lepas, genus Lepas; genus Peripatus; Plicatoperipatus, genus Plicatoperipatus; Peripatopsis, genus Peripatopsis; Adalia, genus Adalia; Epilachna, genus Epilachna; Hippodamia, genus Hippodamia; Rodolia, genus Rodolia, genus Vedalia; Brachinus, genus Brachinus; genus Calosoma; Monochamus, genus Monochamus; Leptinotarsa, genus Leptinotarsa; genus Scarabaeus; Popillia, genus Popillia; Anomala, genus Anomala; Melolontha, genus Melolontha; Macrodactylus, genus Macrodactylus; Cetonia, genus Cetonia; Pyrophorus, genus Pyrophorus; Anthonomus, genus Anthonomus; Scolytus, genus Scolytus; Dendroctonus, genus Dendroctonus; Tribolium, genus Tribolium; Bruchus, genus Bruchus; Acanthoscelides, genus Acanthoscelides; Sitophylus, genus Sitophylus; Pediculus, genus Pediculus; Phthirius, genus Phthirius, Phthirus, genus Phthirus; Menopon, genus Menopon; Pulex, genus Pulex; Ctenocephalides, genus Ctenocephalides; Tunga, genus Tunga; Echidnophaga, genus Echidnophaga; Mayetiola, genus Mayetiola; Musca, genus Musca; genus Glossina; Calliphora, genus Calliphora; Lucilia, genus Lucilia; Sarcophaga, genus Sarcophaga; Gasterophilus, genus Gasterophilus; Cuterebra, genus Cuterebra; Dermatobia, genus Dermatobia; Oestrus, genus Oestrus; Hypoderma, genus Hypoderma; Rhagoletis, genus Rhagoletis; Ceratitis, genus Ceratitis; genus Drosophila; Philophylla, genus Philophylla; Hippobosca, genus Hippobosca; Melophagus, genus Melophagus; Haematobia, genus Haematobia; Aedes, genus Aedes; Anopheles, genus Anopheles; Culex, genus Culex; Ceratopogon, genus Ceratopogon; Chironomus, genus Chironomus; Phlebotomus, genus Phlebotomus; genus Sciara; Simulium, genus Simulium; Apis, genus Apis; Xylocopa, genus Xylocopa; Bombus, genus Bombus; Psithyrus, genus Psithyrus; genus Andrena; nomia, genus Nomia; Megachile, genus Megachile; Anthidium, genus Anthidium; Vespa, genus Vespa; Vespula, genus Vespula; Polistes, genus Polistes; Eumenes, genus Eumenes; Sceliphron, genus Sceliphron; Sphecius, genus Sphecius; Cynips, genus Cynips; Amphibolips, genus Amphibolips; Andricus, genus Andricus; Chalcis, genus Chalcis; Fenusa, genus-Fenusa; Monomorium, genus Monomorium; Camponotus, genus Camponotus; Solenopsis, genus Solenopsis; Formica, genus Formica; Myrmecia, genus Myrmecia; Polyergus, genus Polyergus; Termes, genus Termes; Reticulitermes, genus Reticulitermes; Mastotermes, genus Mastotermes; Kalotermes, genus Kalotermes; Cryptotermes, genus Cryptotermes; Locusta, genus Locusta; Melanoplus, genus Melanoplus; Microcentrum, genus Microcentrum; Anabrus, genus Anabrus; Stenopelmatus, genus Stenopelmatus; Acheta, genus Acheta; Oecanthus, genus Oecanthus; genus Diapheromera; Phyllium, genus Phyllium; Blatta, genus Blatta; Periplaneta, genus Periplaneta; Blattella, genus Blattella; Blaberus, genus Blaberus; Cryptocercus, genus Cryptocercus; genus Mantis; Poecilocapsus, genus Poecilocapsus; Lygus, genus Lygus; Blissus, genus Blissus; Anasa, genus Anasa; Leptoglossus, genus Leptoglossus; Cimex, genus Cimex; Notonecta, genus Notonecta; Nepa, genus Nepa; Ranatra, genus Ranatra; Corixa, genus Corixa; Gerris, genus Gerris; Triatoma, genus Triatoma; Arilus, genus Arilus; Dysdercus, genus Dysdercus; Aleyrodes, genus Aleyrodes; Dialeurodes, genus Dialeurodes; Trialeurodes, genus Trialeurodes; Bemisia, genus Bemisia; genus Coccus; Aspidiotus, genus Aspidiotus; Dactylopius, genus Dactylopius; Pseudococcus, genus Pseudococcus; Planococcus, genus Planococcus; Aphis, genus Aphis; Eriosoma, genus Eriosoma; Prociphilus, genus Prociphilus; Adelges, genus Adelges; Pineus, genus Pineus; Phylloxera, genus Phylloxera; genus Cicada; Tibicen, genus Tibicen; Magicicada, genus Magicicada; Philaenus, genus Philaenus; Aphrophora, genus Aphrophora; Liposcelis, genus Liposcelis; Trogium, genus Trogium; Myrmeleon, genus Myrmeleon; Corydalus, genus Corydalus, Corydalis, genus Corydalis; Sialis, genus Sialis; Lepisma, genus Lepisma; Thermobia, genus Thermobia; Frankliniella, genus Frankliniella; genus Thrips; Forficula, genus Forficula; Nymphalis, genus Nymphalis; Vanessa, genus Vanessa; Limenitis, genus Limenitis; Polygonia, genus Polygonia; Spyeria, genus Spyeria; Argynnis, genus Argynnis; Apatura, genus Apatura; Inachis, genus Inachis; Danaus, genus Danaus; Pieris, genus Pieris; Lycaena, genus Lycaena; Strymon, genus Strymon; genus Tortrix; Homona, genus Homona; Argyrotaenia, genus Argyrotaenia; Carpocapsa, genus Carpocapsa; Lymantria, genus Lymantria; Euproctis, genus Euproctis; Paleacrita, genus Paleacrita; Alsophila, genus Alsophila; Pyralis, genus Pyralis; Galleria, genus Galleria; Pyrausta, genus Pyrausta; Anagasta, genus Anagasta; Ephestia, genus Ephestia; Cadra, genus Cadra; Tinea, genus Tinea; Tineola, genus Tineola; Trichophaga, genus Trichophaga; Gelechia, genus Gelechia; Sitotroga, genus Sitotroga; Phthorimaea, genus Phthorimaea; Noctua, genus Noctua; Catacala, genus Catacala; Cerapteryx, genus Cerapteryx; Heliothis, genus Heliothis; Chorizagrotis, genus Chorizagrotis; Pseudaletia, genus Pseudaletia; Spodoptera, genus Spodoptera; Manduca, genus Manduca; Acherontia, genus Acherontia; Bombyx, genus Bombyx; Saturnia, genus Saturnia; Eacles, genus Eacles; Actias, genus Actias; Hyalophora, genus Hyalophora; Samia, genus Samia; Automeris, genus Automeris; Antheraea, genus Antheraea; Atticus, genus Atticus; Callimorpha, genus Callimorpha; Lasiocampa, genus Lasiocampa; Malacosoma, genus Malacosoma; Hyphantria, genus Hyphantria; Loxostege, genus Loxostege
arthrogram arthrography arthrokinematics arthromere arthromeric arthroplasty arthropod arthropod family arthropod genus arthropoda arthropodal arthropodan arthropodous arthropteris arthroscope arthroscopic arthroscopy

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