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Amenaza (noun) refers to a statement, action, or event that indicates possible harm, danger, or a source of trouble. It can also denote a warning or an expression of intent to cause harm.

Amenaza (noun) can also refer to a person or thing that poses a danger or risk to someone or something.

Sense 1:

As a noun, amenaza can refer to the act of making a threat or expressing an intention to cause harm or trouble.

Example sentence: She received an anonymous amenaza promising to reveal her secrets if she didn't comply.

Sense 2:

Amenaza can also denote a danger or risk that may cause harm or trouble.

Example sentence: The increasing pollution levels pose an amenaza to the well-being of the local population.

Sense 3:

In a legal context, amenaza can refer to an action or statement that instills fear or apprehension in someone, typically used to coerce or manipulate.

Example sentence: The victim was subjected to amenazas in order to force them into signing the false confession.

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