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amen corner


Definitions from WordNet

Noun amen corner has 1 sense
  1. amen corner - area reserved for persons leading the responsive amens
    --1 is a kind of
    corner, nook
    --1 is a part of church, church building

Definitions from the Web

Amen Corner

Noun: Amen Corner refers to a section of a church or religious gathering where enthusiastic worshipers show their fervent approval, often characterized by vocal expressions of agreement or applause.

Example Sentence 1: As the preacher delivered an inspiring sermon, the amen corner echoed with loud affirmations and praises.

Example Sentence 2: The choir's beautiful performance prompted the congregation to create an uproarious amen corner during the Sunday service.

Noun: In golf, Amen Corner refers to the three challenging holes at Augusta National Golf Club, specifically holes 11, 12, and 13.

Example Sentence 1: The famous Amen Corner at Augusta National Golf Club is known for its treacherous water hazards that challenge even the most skilled golfers.

Example Sentence 2: Jack struggled to maintain his lead as he approached the iconic Amen Corner with confidence and determination.

Noun: Amen Corner can also be a term used to describe a group of people who fervently support a particular cause, philosophy, or ideology.

Example Sentence 1: The presidential candidate garnered significant momentum with the support of an influential amen corner advocating for his policies.

Example Sentence 2: The amen corner of environmental activists rallied together to protest against deforestation and demanded immediate action.

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